Finot: Supplies agro-products

Since its launch, back in 2019, Finot PLC is continuously supplying agricultural products to the Ethiopian market. However there is a lucrative market and huge demand for quality agriproducts, we are yet investigating the recurring challenges and gearing up all mechanisms to handle the business bottlenecks.

Despite the challenges, the most successful achievement of this business unit was the dairy processing, which is being done at Gelan site-quite close to Addis Ababa. Finot has several dairy cows, of dedicated Holstein species. Currently, we are distributing the milk and other dairy products to wholesalers, in line with the defined handling standards. We aspire to process our dairy products by importing modern technologies in the near future.

The other achievement goes to the beef cattle breeding in the Gurage Zone of the SNNP region. The weather conditions and farming land were convenient enough for us to make a series of shipping groups of cattle to the market. However, due to lack of medical and technical support, our current volume is limited to about 20 cattle, four rounds annually.

The third subunit of Finot’s agriculture business is crop production. We had received a large acre of farmland for the production and we were able to collect seeds from the last two rainy seasons. This subsector faces a serious challenge, due to demand for even wider farmland and the presence of wild animals that devastate the farming. It’s performance is heavily affected by lack of machineries and water banks so that the production is limited to a single session, annually.

The area is full of arable lands but with manual ploughing mechanism, an outdated technic of several centuries, hence, we intend to pioneer in introducing mechanized farming to the local community. We strive to produce three times a year using mechanized farming, modern technologies, and skilled human capital.