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Finot Engineering & Trading PLC

Finot: Handed over Ziway Geothermal project

Back in last fall season, Finot Engineering PLC has accomplished its commitment to construct the foundations and all civil construction works for the national geothermal power plant at Ziway, Ethiopia. It had successfully built power plant bases, electro-mechanical foundations, canals, culverts, and power station foundations with very high quality concrete works. It has also new…
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Finot: Supplies agro-products

Since its launch, back in 2019, Finot PLC is continuously supplying agricultural products to the Ethiopian market. However there is a lucrative market and huge demand for quality agriproducts, we are yet investigating the recurring challenges and gearing up all mechanisms to handle the business bottlenecks. Despite the challenges, the most successful achievement of this…
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Finot: New vehicles

Finot PLC has incorporated two more vehicles, a 2020-model double-pickup and a heavy load commercial truck. These new assets keep the company at a better level of management and solidify our project implementation performance. We continue delivering inclusive services and brand-new technologies by implementing modern machines of each specific business unit.

Finot: Level upgraded

We are pleased to announce that the Construction Unit of Finot Ltd has upgraded its Building Construction (BC-3) license to General Construction, with level-5 (GC-5). This outstanding achievement enables the company to participate all types of construction works in the Ethiopian market. It mainly focuses on buildings, highways, rural roads, irrigations, and hydraulic constructions- of…
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Finot: Handed over Tana Beles project

Finot Engineering PLC had already handed over its project at Tana Beles Sugar Factory Complex, back summer 2020. Tana Beles Sugar Facotory is a multi-billion budget project of Ethiopian Federal Government, which is being run by international companies. Under its limited mandate and commitment, Finot had successfully serviced construction works of gorges, residential buildings, plant…
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Finot: Authentic office

Finot has already its authentic office at Bethelhem Plaza, one of the modest towers at the center of Addis Ababa. We are found at the 4th floor, with all accesses bring you to us. The office is having all the required equipment and broadband Internet to all employees and guests. With our prospective discipline and…
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Finot: Secured BC-3 level

By January 2020, Finot Engineering and Trading PLC has a secured the Building Construction (BC-3) license, for the construction unit, among other complex business units. This is an extraordinary success within short period of launch. Finot had also activated two major business units with a huge investment, at three different sites. Within short time of…
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Finot: Official launch

Finot Engineering and Trading PLC is launched, as a joint venture of multiple business startups and entrepreneurs. It has got authoritative license after fulfilling all legislative and capacity requirements. This is taken as a big success for the founders to see its launch within a short period of conception. The founders had extensive experience in…
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