Finot Engineering & Trading PLC

Destined for quality!

A few things we’re great at

When we decided to establish Finot, we were confident on our merits to deliver to our society. We grew in a highly deciplened and principled society that we have a virtue of paying it back.  


Innovative Designs

Finot is destined to deliver innovative and futuristic designs, specified to: archtectural, structural, electrical, hydraulic, irrigational, and networking designs.


Deciplened Consulting

In line with our promissed committements, we dedicated to give disruptive consulting to projects in civil works, ICT, electro-mechanical, chemical, and agro-processing. 


High Quality Performance

We priotitize on accomplishing assigned projects in the fastest pace, best quality, and affordable price. Your projects today, are our services tomoroow; thus, we care! 


Finot Establishment

Finot Engineering PLC established by highly skilled experts who had been running various startups. 

1)Members’ Friendship…

Founding memebers, also supporting staffs, had very strong relations since their university time. They grew up crafting, innovating, and brainstorming outstanding ideas.

2) Several startups…

All experts fully focused on gaining skill & experience in various industries. Each had more than 10 years experience. And, most of them launched smal-scall startups in their field.

3)Corporate conception…

The founders & member staffs came up with idea of merging their inter-deciplanary knowledge and skill in various engineering, natural & social sciences, and information technology fields. They concived the idea of unity.  

4)Finally Finot PLC 

Finot Engineering and Trading was launched as a corporated form of several startups, with a unique name of ‘Finot’, meaning ‘pathway“. Now, Finot is stretching its business in a stunning pace.

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Finot Portfolio

As a young startup, Finot Engineering and Trading PLC has gained a great portfolio momentum. It is a privately owned company that targets to participate in Ethiopia’s opportunistic development goals with its best expert composition.  

Its professionals with multidisciplinary skills are warranty to the company, to shed light on delivering quality services in Ethiopia, with an extraordinary discipline.


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EXPERTS: Founding Members

EXPERTS: more staffs


BSc degree

MSc degree

PhD degree

Invite us, build future Ethiopia together!

Finot’s Executive Management Team

Here are members of the Executive Committee, responsible for managing Finot on daily basis.

Mr. Habitamu Shiferaw 

Executive Manager 

Senior Engineer

He has worked for consecutive 12 years in construction area as site engineer, hydraulics engineer, consultant and project manager. He has profound experience working in very harsh environments.

Mr. Eleyas Tadese

Committee Member 
Senior Architecht 

He has has more than 12 years of experience in architectural design, supervision, implementation, and project management. 

Mr. Henok Fekadu

Committee Member
Senior Data Expert

By now, he has 13 years experience in statistical analysis, business model design, project supervision and management at various sclaes.  

Mr. Yibeltal Abiye

Committee Member
Senior Engineer

Since 2010, he has been working in as instructor, dean, energy consultant, industrial engineer, and manager. He has profound experience of leading different startups. 

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